Special pack for couples, kayaking + one hour jet ski + boat trip around north coast beaches (price for 2)

North coast of Menorca
Special pack for couples, kayak trip + snorkel, one hour jet ski + boat trip around north coast beaches (price for 2)


Pack created exclusively for couples that don't like to lose one minute of their holidays and wants to know everything about Menorca. With this triple pack, you experience in the island will by ideal! 

Three activities pack for two people 

Kayak trip + snorkeling 

We do a trip leaving from Fornells harbour, visiting La Mola cliffs, then, we do a snorkeling session in Islote de Tirant, in the marine reserve of Menorca. On the returning, we stop at the virgin beach of s'Arenelet for get recovered, swim and have a soft drink before to come back.

Duratoin: 3,5 hours.

Jet ski trip 

One hour trip starts in our base in Fornells, visiting La Mola cliffs, Punta  Pentinat, Cala Tosqueta, stop at Es Macar de Sa Llosa for have a soft drink and come back.

Duration: 1 hour

Boat trip around beaches of north coast + snorkeling session in the marine reserve 

Trip aboard a speed boat, going around the north coast of Menorca, visiting Cavalleria cliffs, Cala Viola, Sa Nitja, stop in Cavalleria beach for have a dip, Cala Mica, Binimiel·la beach, stop at Cala Pregonda for have a dip and a doft drink and, on the returning, we stop in Illas Bledas (marine reserve) for do a snorkeling session in open sea. 

Duration: 3 hours

This is the perfect pack of activities for people looking for practising sport, adrenaline and relaxing, always enjoying of the most virgin coast of Menorca, where you can find a lot of type of fishes during the snorkeling sessions. Also, activities can be done in the same day or in different days. 
And if you want to add, change or summit some activity, just tell us and we will offer to you a personalized pack!

Activity includes

  • Kayak, paddle and life vest
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Drum for personal objects
  • Soft drink
  • Instructor
  • Insurance
Jet ski trip:
  • Life vest
  • Instructor
  • Insurance
Speed boat trip around north coast beaches:
  • Snorkelling gear,
  • Soft drinks 
  • Skeeper/snorkeling instructor
  • Insurance

What do you need to do the activity?

  • Swimming suit
  • Solar cream
  • Cap
  • Water

Dates and times

Kayaking trip + snorkelling session, daily departures from 10 am until 1,30 pm and from 3,30 pm until 7 pm.

Jet ski trip, daily departures from 10 am until 5 pm.

Boat trip, daily departures from 10 am until 1 pm and from 3,30 pm until 6,30 pm.

Where is the activity done?

North coast of Menorca


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