1.- Clients.
2.- In our center.
3.- Payment methods.
4.- Activities.
5.- During the activity.
6.- Maintenance of facilities.
7.- Maintenance of sports equipment.

1.- Clients
• Avoid going to our facilities if you are a person from the risk group.
• Avoid going to our facilities if you have had contact with affected people.
• If you have any symptoms such as cough, fever, headache, muscle fatigue, difficulty breathing or loss of taste, avoid going to our center.
• Do not come to our center with companions who are not going to carry out any activity.
• Mandatory use of mask.

2.- In our center.
• The entrance to our center will be restricted and controlled by our staff.
• The use of a mask is mandatory, if you do not have it in our center we have masks for sale.
• We have a hydroalcoholic solution for hand washing.
• Read the informative posters and attend to the indications made by the company.
• Do not touch sports equipment.
• In our center, maintain a distance of two meters between people.
• Avoid greetings with physical contact.

3.- Payment methods
• Preferably use electronic means of payment and online management.
• You can make a reservation and pay by credit card over the phone.
• You can make the reservation and payment by credit card through our website.
• In the last case you can pay in cash.

4.- Activities
All our activities are limited to a maximum group of participants.
a) The kayaking activity is limited to a maximum of 25 people per excursion.
b) Boat excursions and boat snorkeling excursions are limited to 75% of the authorized capacity of the boats.
c) The excursions with jet skis are limited to 4 bikes plus the monitor bike. Two people can go on each motorcycle as long as they live together, otherwise only one person can go per motorcycle.

5.- During the activity
• Keep the safety distance.
• Do not touch the personal sports equipment of other users while you are carrying out the activities.
• Do not share drinks, belongings, containers and food with other participants.
• During the activity, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.
• Cover your mouth when coughing with a tissue or elbow.

6.- Maintenance of facilities.
• Common facilities will be disinfected with products authorized by the Ministry of Health twice a day.
• The toilets will be disinfected with products authorized by the Ministry of Health after each use.

7.- Maintenance of sports equipment.
• All our sports equipment will be disinfected after each use.
• The material not suitable for disinfection will be replaced by disposable material.


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