Adventure sports for children

Adventure sports for children

Many families come to Dia Complert every summer to see what activities they can do with their children. Normally, except boat routes along the north coast, the recommended minimum age is 12 years, at least so that they can be self-sufficient to paddle in the case of the kayak-cave excursion or for the paddle surfing, paddle be very big
We always explain why and advise other activities that can be done comfortably in family and for which the child is totally self-sufficient. But in reality, if the family insists that younger children want to do a specific activity, we put a monitor for them and everyone is happy.
In addition, every year we organize activities with schools that come from different parts of Spain and with which we have been working for several years. From kayak + snorkel excursions, stand up paddle, snorkel with boat or the famous wooden rafts.
In the more than 20 years of life of Dia Complert, the experience with children is more than good and if they repeat year after year, it will be something.


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Dia Complert offers to you the possibility to enjoy Menorca to do your favourite sports: kayaking, paddle surf, speed boat trips, jet ski, flyboard, catamaran trips, mountain bike, hiking…
A program of activities for you enjoy the most your holidays in Menorca.

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