As of May 1, 2019 we are again at your disposal

paddle surf menorca 7

From May 1 we will have all our activities at your service, kayak tours by caves and snorkel in the marine reserve, paddle surfing tours by cliffs and caves, the exits with adventure boat to snorkel in the marine reserve , for those seeking adrenaline, the jet skis that you can drive without having a degree, for those who seek to relax with a touch of adventure the ...

This Christmas gives emotions

This Christmas gives emotions

This Christmas gives something different, gives emotions. From December 11 to December 31 discounts of 20% on activities and 10% on all our packs. In Dia Complert we offer you the possibility of buying an activity, multi-adventure pack or special pack to give as a gift, choose the activity you prefer and we send you a gift voucher with the name of the person you ...

New jet skis


This year we have the new model of Bombardier Jet Skis, the Sea Doo GTI 130CV

Multiadventure activities

Multiadventure activities

If you are an active person who likes to try new water sports or keep learning the ones you have already tried, Dia Complert is your perfect adventure sports company to visit during your holidays this summer 2018. We have a wide range of possibilities, from excursions in kayaking, paddle surf, snorkeling, jet skis, boat trips, etc. Everything so that you enjoy ...

Would you like to work at Dia Complert?

Would you like to work at Dia Complert?

¿Te gustaria ser monitor/a de kayak, de paddle surf o patrón de embarcación? Para esta temporada 2018 tenemos puestos de trabajo disponibles en Dia Complert. Si tienes título de monitor/a de piragüismo, stand up paddle o patrón no dudes en enviarnos tu CV a Tendrás la oportunidad de trabajar pasándotelo bien y en un agradable ambiente de ...

Adventure sports for children

Adventure sports for children

Many families come to Dia Complert every summer to see what activities they can do with their children. Normally, except boat routes along the north coast, the recommended minimum age is 12 years, at least so that they can be self-sufficient to paddle in the case of the kayak-cave excursion or for the paddle surfing, paddle be very big We always explain why and advise ...

Raffles on social networks

sorteo moto agua

We are used to seeing publications in social networks about raffles of a thousand different products and companies: from some shoes to a trip to the Maldives, but ... is it all true? From a local company that we know we can have the certainty and verify that a winner of that draw does come out, but maybe it is harder to believe it of a North American company (to ...

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions

A new year begins and, as usual, we make promises to ourselves: this year I quit smoking, this year I sign up for English, this year I start doing sports ... Sometimes we fulfill them and sometimes we do not, but the intention is. In Dia Complert, as born supporters of sports practice, we encourage everyone to spend a little of the day generating a bit of ...

Christmas with family

Discover Menorca with Dia Complert

Now that the kids in the house start Christmas holidays, it's hard to keep them entertained so they do not get bored. In addition to the different activities that are carried out in the villages focused on children, there are always things to do to avoid getting bored and so take the opportunity to spend time with the family. Those who do not travel outside and stay ...

Against the winter...practice sport!

The months of December to February are the hardest in terms of temperatures, do not feel like leaving much of the heat of home, we become more lazy and homelike. But the problem with that is that the less we do, the less we want to do, so the best medicine to combat the winter is to practice a lot of exercise, replace the couch for sport, which can also be indoors, ...

Dia Complert

Dia Complert offers to you the possibility to enjoy Menorca to do your favourite sports: kayaking, paddle surf, speed boat trips, jet ski, flyboard, catamaran trips, mountain bike, hiking…
A program of activities for you enjoy the most your holidays in Menorca.

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